Turing Phone finally here with 24K gold – real photos!


Do you remember this phone? We believe this is the longest pre-order in the history. Because pre-order ended last year in July, and until now just a few customers received it. According to IT168, one user on Taiwan finally received it, and from what we can see it looks amazing.

screenshot_1Turing Phone is very luxurious smartphone where the case uses exclusive Liquidmorphium liquid metal alloys where in the middle is added 24K gold. While the left side is equipped with a fingerprint identification scanner, but it has also customized data interface.

screenshot_5The screen is 5.5 inch big with 1080P resolution, and under the hood it has Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB RAM. Turing Phone is running Sailfish OS 2.0 which is also compatible with Android app. Because the customers waited too long they have received free upgrade from Snapdragon 801 to 820, 16GB ROM to 64GB, and 64GB to 128GB.


Also according to Turing founders, upcoming new flagship phone from them will have Snapdragon 830 processors, 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, 60MP iMAX 6K camera! Below you can see real photos of Turing Phone.

Source: it168