A South Korean robotics company just built a awesome Gundam


From what we can see we will not need to wait too much for robots which we canin see science fiction movies. And it is actually really cool because today South Korean robotics manufacturer Hankook Mirae Technology introduced their first prototype piloted mech called Method-2.

As you can see it is a huge robot 13-feet tall with 1.3 tons weight, but most interesting feature is definitely motion-tracking metal arms. According to the company they say that theirs robot is the world’s first manned bipedal robot. But primarily it is built to work in extreme hazardous areas where humans cannot go unprotected, Yang Jin-Ho company chairman said in a statement.

If you are ask yourself how much money they have spent on this project, actually they have spent approximately $200 million since 2014 to develop it with the help of Hollywood SFX designer Vitaly Bulgarov who was the main for creating Terminator, Robocop and Transformers.

At this moment the Method-2 will be not used in the field, but instead it will be used for testing and improving mech technologies.

source: PhysOrg