Panasonic wants with your body create a LAN connection


As you may already know your body can transmit many different things like bacteria, sounds, feelings. So Panasonic already knows that all kinds of things can be transferred, and now they believe that it should able to transmit data also.

Panasonic at CEATEC introduced this kind of technology which is of course in experimental state at this time, and they call it the Human Body Communication Device. Where on the photo you can see where one woman is with only touch changing color other girls skirt. The color is changed to desired one which is set on the smartwatch.


As you can see it is very simple procedure, but Panasonic believes that human body can do much more. For example people can exchange contact information, so in other words just with shaking hands you can exchange desired information.

Talking about security it is more secure than regular wireless connection because data transmission is transferred over a physical medium. Anyway this is really interesting technique for data transmission.

Source: newatlas