New iPhone 6 Plus explosion cases are being reported in China


In just a few days CCTV news reported that in last three months are 8 new cases regarding iPhone explosions. Also at this moment has not yet been given to most consumers properly deal with countermeasures.

1388957So because of that CCTV news reports that the Zhejiang, a loyal user of Apple has bought iPhone 6 in March 2015 which suddenly exploded on her legs. Fortunately, the phone was kicked out of the car in time, and no one was injured. Also the other case was where iPhone 6 Plus user in Jiangsu was charging it, and the phone later just suddenly exploded.

1388958According to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee statistics, from September 1, 2016 to November 30, a total of 8 consumers complained that their Apple phone in the normal use or normal charging exploded. At this moment there has been no explanation from Apple Inc about with this problem. In these explosion cases are mostly involved iPhone 6 or 6 plus smartphones.

source: techweb